Are you still confused as to why you should join the campaign? Then here are thirty-two reasons that we have put together which will change your mind and heart for sure. These reasons make for a solid base for people to indulge in a quality lifestyle and reduced their carbon footprint with the help of a better transportation facility in Toronto.

Jobs and economy

Jobs and economy

Thousands of new jobs will be created

Productivity and GDP will rise

Neighborhoods with a good transit facility will attract new businesses and investments

People will be able to reach jobs easily

We will be able to retain better talent due to the transport facility

Households will be able to save money as they can get rid of heavy driving

Increase in economic activity will overall increase the revenue for the government

It will increase property value as there will be better access to transportation

Quality of life

Commuting from one place to the other will be stress-free

People will be able to move around more quickly and easily

People will have more time to work and study since they don't have to spend time traveling

Better transportation facility will increase people's satisfaction levels

Jobs and economy


Better transportation can create by a balanced community where everything is available within reach

It will provide easy access to jobs and businesses

Areas like airports, colleges, and universities can be reached more easily and conveniently

Equity and access

Neighborhoods and communities will be more connected

Senior citizens will be able to commute easily and will get more places to live

There will be better access to education, training, services, and job opportunities for new citizens

People who don't drive or don't have a car will have easy access to the infrastructure and facilities of the city

Equity and access
Equity and access

Health and safety

People can be more healthy with walking and cycling infrastructure

People will have more time to rest, exercise, and live a healthy life

Less transportation will improve the quality of air for children and families.

People will be able to reach healthcare facilities more easily

Due to less gridlock, emergency vehicles will be able to respond faster

Police vehicles and community service vehicles will be able to get across easily


It will help you reduce your carbon footprint

It will support high-density communities and green spaces

Civil pride

Civil pride

It will encourage the overall growth of the region

The reason will become a bigger attraction for tourist and visitors

We will be able to reap the benefits like other cities with a better transportation system

We will be able to contribute to a better future for our families and children