I pledge to get our region moving.

I live in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), where we have some of North America's worst commute times. But if we invest in a better regional network, we reduce congestion and improve our economy, our environment, our health, our neighbourhoods, and our quality of life.

That's why I pledge to support new ways to raise funds for a better transportation network in the GTHA – ways that are dedicated, efficient, transparent & accountable, regional, fair, and sustainable. Together we can build better infrastructure and, in turn, better communities.

I pledge to do my part to build this regional transportation network:

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*Your postal code will help us map the responses received from people across the region, and your email address will allow us to tell you about the next steps of the campaign. Your name, email address and physical address will be sent to your elected officials.

Let my elected representatives know I support this campaign, and hope they do too.

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Name Title Riding Party Pledged
Adam Vaughan Councillor (Ward 20) Trinity-Spadina Yes
Alan Ho Councillor (Ward 6) Markham Yes
Alan Shefman Councillor (Ward 5) Vaughan Yes
Alex Chiu Councillor (Ward 8) Markham Yes
Allan Thompson Regional Councillor (Ward 2) Caledon Yes
Ana Bailao Councillor (Ward 18) Davenport Yes
Andrew Cash MP Davenport NDP Yes
Ann Lawlor Councillor (Ward 4) Halton Hills Yes
Arnold Huffman Local Councillor (Ward 5) Milton Yes
Bas Balkissoon MPP Scarborough-Rouge River Liberal Yes
Bill Fisch Chair Yes
Bonnie Crombie Councillor (Ward 5) Mississauga Yes
Brenda Hogg Regional and Local Councillor (Ward 1-6) Richmond Hill Yes
Brian McHattie Councillor (Ward 1) Hamilton Yes
Carolina Moretti Councillor (Ward 4) Markham Yes
Castro Liu Councillor (Ward 3) Richmond Hill Yes
Cheri DiNovo MPP Parkdale-High Park NDP Yes
Chin Lee Councillor (Ward 41) Scarborough-Rouge River Yes
Chris Ballard Councillor Aurora Yes
Chris Charlton MP Hamilton Mountain NDP Yes
Chris Fonseca Councillor (Ward 3) Mississauga Yes
Chungsen Leung MP Willowdale Conservative Yes
Clark A. Somerville Regional Councillor (Ward 1&2) Halton Hills Yes
Cleve Mortelliti Councillor (Ward 1) King Yes
Colin Campbell Councillor (Ward 5) Markham Yes
Colleen Jordan Regional Councillor (Ward 3-4) Ajax Yes
Craig Scott MP Toronto-Danforth NDP Yes
Dan Harris MP Scarborough Southwest NDP Yes
Danny Wheeler Deputy Mayor/Regional Councillor Georgina Yes
Dave Barrow Mayor Richmond Hill Yes
Dave Gittings Town Councillor (Ward 3) Oakville Yes
David Christopherson MP Hamilton Centre NDP Yes
David Pickles Councillor (Ward 3) Pickering Yes
David Zimmer MPP Willowdale Liberal Yes
Deb Schulte Regional Councillor Vaughan Yes
Debbie Schaefer Councillor (Ward 5) King Yes
Don Hamilton Councillor (Ward 3) Markham Yes
Don Mitchell Regional Councillor Whitby Yes
Donna H. Cansfield MPP Etobicoke-Centre Liberal Yes
Doug Dickerson Councillor (Ward 2) Pickering Yes
Elaine Moore Regional Councillor (Ward 1&5) Brampton Yes
Elizabeth Roy Councillor (Ward 2) Whitby Yes
Emil Kolb Chair Yes
Frank Scarpitti Mayor (Ward 1-8) Markham Yes
Geoffrey Dawe Mayor Aurora Yes
Godwin Chan Councillor (Ward 6) Richmond Hill Yes
Gordon Krantz Mayor and Regional Councillor Milton Yes
Gordon Landon Regional Councillor (Ward 1-8) Markham Yes
Greg Nelson Local Councillor (Ward 2) Milton Yes
Hazel McCallion Mayor Mississauga Yes
Helena Jaczek MPP Oak Ridges-Markham Liberal Yes
Hon Michael Chan MPP Markham-Unionville Liberal Yes
Hon. Carolyn Bennett MP St. Paul's Liberal Yes
Hon. Charles Sousa MPP Mississauga South Liberal Yes
Hon. Eric Hoskins MPP St. Paul's Liberal Yes
Hon. Glen Murray Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure, MPP Toronto Centre Liberal Yes
Hon. John McCallum MP Markham-Unionville Liberal Yes
Hon. Judy Sgro MP York West Liberal Yes
Hon. Kathleen Wynne Premier, MPP Don Valley West Liberal Yes
Howard Shore Councillor (Ward 2) Markham Yes
Jack Dennison Councillor (Ward 4) Burlington Yes
Jack Heath Deputy Mayor (Ward 1-8) Markham Yes
Jagmeet Singh MPP Bramalea-Gore-Malton NDP Yes
James Pasternak Councillor (Ward 10) York Centre Yes
Jane Fogal Regional Councillor (Ward 3&4) Halton Hills Yes
Jeff Knoll Regional Councillor (Ward 5) Oakville Yes
Jim Jones Regional Councillor (Ward 1-8) Markham Yes
Joanne Dies Councillor (Ward 3) Ajax Yes
Joe Dickson MPP Ajax-Pickering Liberal Yes
Joe Li Regional Councillor (Ward 1-8) Markham Yes
Joe Mihevc Councillor (Ward 21) St. Paul's Yes
John Filion Councillor (Ward 23) Willowdale Yes
John Hutton City Councillor (Ward 2&6) Brampton Yes
John Parker Councillor (Ward 26) Don Valley West Yes
John Sprovieri Regional Councillor (Ward 9&10) Brampton Yes
John Taylor Regional Councillor Newmarket Yes
Jonah Schein MPP Davenport NDP Yes
Josh Colle Councillor (Ward 15) Eglinton-Lawrence Yes
Josh Matlow Councillor (Ward 22) St. Paul's Yes
Karen Stintz Councillor (Ward 16) Eglinton-Lawrence Yes
Kevin Daniel Flynn MPP Oakville Liberal Yes
Kirsty Duncan MP Etobicoke-North Liberal Yes
Kristyn Wong-Tam Councillor (Ward 27) Toronto Centre-Rosedale Yes
Laura Albanese MPP York South-Weston Liberal Yes
Logan Kanapathi Councillor (Ward 7) Markham Yes
Lorenzo Berardinetti MPP Scarborough Southwest Liberal Yes
Lynn Foster Councillor (Ward 4) Richmond Hill Yes
Marc Grant Town Councillor (Ward 5) Oakville Yes
Marianne Meed Ward Councillor (Ward 2) Burlington Yes
Mark Adler MP York Centre Conservative Yes
Marolyn Morrison Mayor Caledon Yes
Mary-Margaret McMahon Councillor (Ward 32) Beaches-East York Yes
Matthew Kellway MP Beaches-East York NDP Yes
Maurizio Bevilacqua Mayor Vaughan Yes
Michael Coteau MPP Don Valley East Liberal Yes
Michael Di Biase Regional Councillor Vaughan Yes
Michael Prue MPP Beaches-East York NDP Yes
Michael Thompson Councillor (Ward 37) Scarborough Centre Yes
Mike Cluett Local Councillor (Ward 6) Milton Yes
Mike Colle MPP Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal Yes
Mike Layton Councillor (Ward 19) Trinity-Spadina Yes
Mike Sullivan MP York South-Weston NDP Yes
Mitzie Hunter MPP Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal Yes
Monique Taylor MPP Hamilton Mountain NDP Yes
Nando Iannicca Councillor (Ward 7) Mississauga Yes
Nick Papa Councillor (Ward 5) Richmond Hill Yes
Olivia Chow MP Trinity-Spadina NDP Yes
Pam Damoff Town Councillor (Ward 2) Oakville Yes
Pat Brown Councillor (Ward 4) Ajax Yes
Pat Saito Councillor (Ward 9) Mississauga Yes
Patricia Mullin Councillor (Ward 2) Mississauga Yes
Paul Miller MPP Hamilton East-Stoney Creek NDP Yes
Paul Pirri Councillor Aurora Yes
Paula Fletcher Councillor (Ward 30) Toronto-Danforth Yes
Peggy Nash MP Parkdale-High Park NDP Yes
Peter Rodrigues Councillor (Ward 3) Pickering Yes
Ralph Robinson Town Councillor (Ward 1) Oakville Yes
Rathika Sitsabaiesan MP Scarborough-Rouge River NDP Yes
Renrick Ashby Councillor (Ward 2) Ajax Yes
Reza Moridi MPP Richmond Hill Liberal Yes
Richard Paterak Regional Councillor (Ward 1) Caledon Yes
Richard Whitehead Regional Councillor (Ward 3&4) Caledon Yes
Rick Bonnette Mayor Halton Hills Yes
Rick DiLorenzo Local Councillor (Ward 7) Milton Yes
Rick Goldring Mayor Burlington Yes
Rob Burton Mayor Oakville Yes
Robert Grossi Mayor Georgina Yes
Ron Starr Councillor (Ward 6) Mississauga Yes
Rosario Marchese Transportation Critic, MPP Trinity-Spadina NDP Yes
Sandra Yeung Racco Councillor (Ward 4) Vaughan Yes
Sarah Doucette Councillor (Ward 13) Parkdale-High Park Yes
Sharon Barkley Local Councillor (Ward 1) Milton Yes
Shaun Collier Regional Councillor (Ward 1-2) Ajax Yes
Shelley Carroll Councillor (Ward 33) Don Valley East Yes
Soo Wong MPP Scarborough-Agincourt Liberal Yes
Steve Parish Mayor Ajax Yes
Steve Pellegrini Mayor King Yes
Tom Adams Regional Councillor (Ward 6) Oakville Yes
Tony Carella Councillor (Ward 2) Vaughan Yes
Tony Van Bynen Mayor Newmarket Yes
Tracy MacCharles MPP Pickering-Scarborough East Liberal Yes
Valerie Burke Councillor (Ward 1) Markham Yes
Virginia Hackson Mayor East Gwillimbury Yes
Vito Spatafora Regional and Local Councillor (Ward 1-6) Richmond Hill Yes
Wayne Emmerson Mayor Whitchurch-Stouffville Yes
Wayne Martson MP Hamilton East-Stoney Creek NDP Yes
Wendy Partner Councillor (Ward 4) Clarington Yes
Adrian Foster Mayor Clarington No
Alan Johnston Regional Councillor (Ward 1) Oakville No
Allan Elgar Regional Councillor (Ward 4) Oakville No
Amrit Mangat MPP Mississauga-Brampton South Liberal No
Amy England Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
Andrea Horwath Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party, MPP Hamilton Centre NDP No
Anthony Perruzza Councillor (Ward 8) York West No
Avia Eek Councillor (Ward 6) King No
Barry Devolin MP Hailburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock Conservative No
Bernard Trottier MP Etobicoke-Lakeshore Conservative No
Bernie Morelli Councillor (Ward 3) Hamilton No
Beverly Northeast Councillor (Ward 1) Uxbridge No
Bill Cober Councillor (Ward 4) King No
Bill McLean Councillor (Ward 2) Pickering No
Blair Lancaster Councillor (Ward 6) Burlington No
Bob Bratina Mayor Hamilton No
Bob Callahan City Councillor (Ward 3&4) Brampton No
Bob Champman Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
Bob Dechert MP Mississauga-Erindale Conservative No
Bob Delaney MPP Mississauga-Streetsville Liberal No
Bob Inglis Councillor (Ward 4) Halton Hills No
Bobbie Drew Regional Councillor Scugog No
Brad Butt MP Mississauga-Streetsville Conservative No
Brad Clark Councillor (Ward 9) Hamilton No
Brad Smockum Councillor (Ward 5) Georgina No
Brenda Johnson Councillor (Ward 11) Hamilton No
Bruce Wood City Councillor Oshawa No
Bryan Lewis Councillor (Ward 2) Halton Hills No
Carmine Perrelli Councillor (Ward 2) Richmond Hill No
Cathy Duddeck Regional Councillor (Ward 2) Oakville No
Cathy Morton Councillor East Gwillimbury No
Cesar Palacio Councillor (Ward 17) Davenport No
Chad Collins Councillor (Ward 5) Hamilton No
Chris Alexander MP Ajax-Pickering Conservative No
Chris Emanuel Councillor (Ward 7) Newmarket No
Christine Elliott MPP Whitby-Oshawa PC No
Chuck Mercier Mayor Scugog No
Cindy Lunau Local Councillor (Ward 3) Milton No
Clyde Smith Councillor (Ward 3) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Colin Best Local and Regional Councillor (Ward 2,3,4,5) Milton No
Colin Carrie MP Oshawa Conservative No
Corinna Traill Councillor (Ward 3) Clarington No
Corneliu Chisu MP Pickering-Scarborough East Conservative No
Costas Menegakis MP Richmond Hill Conservative No
Dave Kerwin Councillor (Ward 2) Newmarket No
Dave Ryan Mayor Pickering No
Dave Szollosy Councillor (Ward 3) Georgina No
David Kentner Councillor (Ward 3) Halton Hills No
David Shiner Councillor (Ward 24) Willowdale No
David Sweet MP Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale Conservative No
David Tilson MP Dufferin-Caledon Conservative No
Dean Allison MP Niagara West- Glanbrook Conservative No
Debbie Bath Regional Councillor Brock No
Denzil Minnan-Wong Councillor (Ward 34) Don Valley East No
Derrick Gleed Councillor (Ward 1) Whitby No
Dipika Damerla MPP Mississauga East-Cooksville Liberal No
Doug Beffort Councillor (Ward 1) Caledon No
Doug Ford Councillor (Ward 2) Etobicoke-North No
Doug Holyday MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore PC No
Doug Sanders City Councillor Oshawa No
Erin O'Toole MP Durham Conservative No
Eve Adams MP Mississauga-Brampton South Conservative No
Frances Nunziata Councillor (Ward 11) York South-Weston No
Frank Dale Councillor (Ward 4) Mississauga No
Frank Di Giorgio Councillor (Ward 12) York South-Weston No
Frank Klees Transportation Critic, MPP Newmarket-Aurora PC No
Gael Miles Regional Councillor (Ward 7&8) Brampton No
Gary Carr Chair No
Gary Crawford Councillor (Ward 36) Scarborough Southwest No
George Carlson Councillor (Ward 11) Mississauga No
Gerri Lynn O'Connor Mayor Uxbridge No
Gino Rosati Regional Councillor Vaughan No
Giorgio Mammoliti Councillor (Ward 7) York West No
Glenn De Baeremaeker Councillor (Ward 38) Scarborough Centre No
Gloria Lindsay Luby Councillor (Ward 4) Etobicoke-Centre No
Gord McClure Councillor (Ward 2) Caledon No
Gord Perks Councillor (Ward 14) Parkdale-High Park No
Gordon Highet Councillor (Ward 5) Uxbridge No
Grant Gibson City Councillor (Ward 1&5) Brampton No
Greg Beros Councillor (Ward 1) Richmond Hill No
Hon Brad Duguid MPP Scarborough Centre Liberal No
Hon Harinder S. Takhar MPP Mississauga-Erindale Liberal No
Hon Linda Jeffrey MPP Brampton-Springdale Liberal No
Hon. Bal Gosal MP Bramalea-Gore-Malton Conservative No
Hon. Jim Flaherty MP Whitby-Oshawa Conservative No
Hon. Jim Karygiannis MP Scarborough-Agincourt Liberal No
Hon. Joe Oliver MP Eglinton-Lawrence Conservative No
Hon. John McKay MP Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal No
Hon. Julian Fantino MP Vaughan Conservative No
Hon. Lisa Raitt MP Halton Conservative No
Hon. Michael Chong MP Wellington-Halton Hills Conservative No
Hon. Peter Kent MP Thornhill Conservative No
Hon. Peter Van Loan MP York-Simcoe Conservative No
Hon. Ted McMeekin MPP Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale Liberal No
Howard Danson Councillor (Ward 5) Scugog No
Jack Ballinger Regional Councillor Uxbridge No
Jacob Mantel Councillor (Ward 4) Uxbridge No
Jane McKenna MPP Burlington PC No
Jane Twinney Councillor (Ward 3) Newmarket No
Janet Davis Councillor (Ward 31) Beaches-East York No
Jason Farr Councillor (Ward 2) Hamilton No
Jaye Robinson Councillor (Ward 25) Don Valley West No
Jennifer O'Connell Councillor (Ward 1) Pickering No
Jerry J. Ouellette MPP Oshawa PC No
Jim Howard Councillor (Ward 3) Scugog No
Jim Tovey Councillor (Ward 1) Mississauga No
Joan Robson Councillor (Ward 2) Halton Hills No
Joe Daniel MP Don Valley East Conservative No
Joe Drumm Regional Councillor Whitby No
Joe Neal Councillor (Ward 1) Clarington No
Joe Sponga Councillor (Ward 5) Newmarket No
John Abel Councillor Aurora No
John Carmichael MP Don Valley West Conservative No
John Eaton Councillor East Gwillimbury No
John G. Henry Mayor Oshawa No
John Gallo Councillor Aurora No
John Hancock Councillor (Ward 2) Scugog No
John Neal Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
John O'Toole MPP Durham PC No
John R. Aker Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
John Sanderson Regional Councillor (Ward 3&4) Brampton No
John Taylor Councillor (Ward 3) Burlington No
Jon Hurst Councillor (Ward 1) Halton Hills No
Judi Partridge Councillor (Ward 15) Hamilton No
Julia Munro MPP York-Simcoe PC No
Katie Mahoney Councillor (Ward 8) Mississauga No
Keith Bird Regional Councillor (Ward 3) Oakville No
Keith Shier Councillor (Ward 4) Brock No
Ken Ferdinands Councillor (Ward 1) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Ken Hackenbrook Councillor (Ward 4) Georgina No
Ken Montague Councillor (Ward 4) Whitby No
Kevin Ashe Councillor (Ward 1) Pickering No
Kyle Seeback MP Brampton West Conservative No
Larry Corrigan Councillor (Ward 1) Scugog No
Laurie Scott MPP Hailburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock PC No
Linda Pabst Councillor (Ward 3) King No
Lloyd Ferguson Councillor (Ward 12) Hamilton No
Lois Brown MP Newmarket-Aurora Conservative No
Lorne Coe Deputy Mayor & Regional Councillor Whitby No
Maddie Di Muccio Councillor (Ward 6) Newmarket No
Maria Aguimeri Councillor (Ward 9) York Centre No
Maria Pearson Councillor (Ward 10) Hamilton No
Marilyn Crawford Councillor (Ward 1) Ajax No
Marilyn Iafrate Councillor (Ward 1) Vaughan No
Mario Sergio MPP York West Liberal No
Mark Grimes Councillor (Ward 6) Etobicoke-Lakeshore No
Marlene Johnston Councillor East Gwillimbury No
Mary Fragedakis Councillor (Ward 29) Toronto-Danforth No
Mary Novak Regional Councillor (Ward 1-2) Clarington No
Max Khan Town Councillor (Ward 6) Oakville No
Michael G. Emm Councillor (Ward 3) Whitby No
Michael Thompson Councillor Aurora No
Michelle Berardinetti Councillor (Ward 35) Scarborough Southwest No
Mike Del Grande Councillor (Ward 39) Scarborough-Agincourt No
Mike Manchester Councillor (Ward 1) Brock No
Mike O'Leary Councillor (Ward 1) Halton Hills No
Mike Wallace MP Burlington Conservative No
Monte Kwinter MPP York Centre Liberal No
Moya Johnson Councillor (Ward 3) Halton Hills No
Nancy Diamond Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
Naomi Davison Councillor (Ward 1) Georgina No
Nester Pidwerbecki Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
Nick deBoer Councillor (Ward 3&4) Caledon No
Norm Kelly Councillor (Ward 40) Scarborough-Agincourt No
Pam McConnell Councillor (Ward 28) Toronto Centre-Rosedale No
Parm Gill MP Brampton-Springdale Conservative No
Pat Malloy Councillor (Ward 2) Uxbridge No
Pat Mikuse Councillor (Ward 3) Uxbridge No
Pat Perkins Mayor Whitby No
Patti Foley Regional Councillor (Ward 5) Caledon No
Paul Ainslie Councillor (Ward 43) Scarborough East No
Paul Calandra MP Oak Ridges-Markham Conservative No
Paul Palleschi Regional Councillor (Ward 2&6) Brampton No
Paul Sharman Councillor (Ward 5) Burlington No
Peter Grandilli Councillor (Ward 2) King No
Peter Leon Councillor (Ward 3) Etobicoke-Centre No
Peter Milczyn Councillor (Ward 5) Etobicoke-Lakeshore No
Peter Shurmann MPP Thornhill PC No
Peter Tabuns MPP Toronto-Danforth NDP No
Phil Bannon Councillor (Ward 2) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Phil Craig Councillor (Ward 2) Georgina No
Randy Skinner Councillor (Ward 2) Brock No
Raymond Cho Councillor (Ward 42) Scarborough-Rouge River No
Richard Bartley Councillor (Ward 5) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Rick Craven Councillor (Ward 1) Burlington No
Rick Malboeuf Local Councillor (Ward 4) Milton No
Rob Ford Mayor Toronto No
Rob Hargrave Councillor (Ward 6) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Rob Mezzapelli Councillor (Ward 5) Caledon No
Robert Pasuta Councillor (Ward 14) Hamilton No
Roger Bouma City Councillor Oshawa No
Roger Lapworth Town Councillor (Ward 4) Oakville No
Roger. M Anderson Chair Region of Durham No
Ron Hooper Councillor (Ward 2) Clarington No
Ron Moeser Councillor (Ward 44) Scarborough East No
Rosanna DeFrancesca Councillor (Ward 3) Vaughan No
Roxanne James MP Scarborough Centre Conservative No
Russ Powers Councillor (Ward 13) Hamilton No
Sam Merulla Councillor (Ward 4) Hamilton No
Sandra Hames Regional Councillor (Ward 7&8) Brampton No
Sandra Humfyes Councillor Aurora No
Scott Duvall Councillor (Ward 7) Hamilton No
Shafiq Qaadri MPP Etobicoke-North Liberal No
Stella Ambler MP Mississauga South Conservative No
Steven Del Duca MPP Vaughan Liberal No
Sue McFadden Councillor (Ward 10) Mississauga No
Susan Fennell Mayor Brampton No
Susanne Hilton Councillor (Ward 4) Whitchurch-Stouffville No
Sylvia Jones MPP Dufferin-Caledon PC No
Tara Roy-DiClemente Councillor East Gwillimbury No
Ted Arnott MPP Wellington-Halton Hills PC No
Ted Chudleigh MPP Halton PC No
Ted Opitz MP Etobicoke-Centre Conservative No
Terence Young MP Oakville Conservative No
Terry Whitehead Councillor (Ward 8) Hamilton No
Tim Hudak Leader of the Offical Opposition, MPP Niagara West- Glanbrook PC No
Tito-Dante Marimpietri Regional and City Councillor Oshawa No
Tom Hempen Councillor (Ward 4) Newmarket No
Tom Jackson Councillor (Ward 6) Hamilton No
Tom Vegh Councillor (Ward 1) Newmarket No
Tony Lambert Local and Regional Councillor (Ward 1,6,7,8) Milton No
Vacant Seat MP Toronto Centre None No
Vic Dhillon MPP Brampton West Liberal No
Vicky Dhillon City Councillor (Ward 9&10) Brampton No
Vincent Crisanti Councillor (Ward 1) Etobicoke-North No
W. Tery Clayton Mayor Brock No
W.E. Ted Smith Councillor (Ward 5) Brock No
Walter Schummer Councillor (Ward 3) Brock No
Wendy Gaertner Councillor Aurora No
Willie Woo Regional Councillor (Ward 3-4) Clarington No
Wilma Wooten Councillor (Ward 4) Scugog No
Wladyslaw Lizon MP Mississauga East-Cooksville Conservative No
Zeeshan Hamid Local Councillor (Ward 8) Milton No